Broker versus Internet

The internet nowadays has tremendously increased the transparency in the housing market.  Many people do not see the added value of using a real estate agent anymore. Yet it is wise to bring one in, if it is only for the fact that the realtor is not emotionally tied in to the house and therefore can and will be more objective with regards to selling your home. The realtor also has knowledge of the neighbourhood and the market where the house is situated that has to be sold or bought.


Exclusief Keypoint Francine

Keypoint Francine is not your regular type of buying or selling realtor. Our main focus is aimed at the renting out of diverse and unique properties that are not found at your neighbourhood realtor's office. The  properties we have for  rent or sale, come with our personal stamp of approval and the reason for this is, that these real estate properties are from the  portfolio of Keypoint Francine's personal and private network of colleagues and acquaintances who are willing to rent out or sell their second home.

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