Different types of apartments.

Keypoint Francine rents out empty, partially furnished, fully furnished and Rental Ready homes. 


Rental Reday, Short Stay

With the Rental Ready homes you only have to bring your suitcase, everything else is ready in the house, waiting for you. Our focus is on the area around Leiden or in Leiden and mainly on the higher end Rental Ready properties, some of which can be rented on a short-term lease starting from 3 months and up.


Commercial housing

Commercial or industrial rentals will not become the core business of Keypoint Francine. We endorse only properties that can be fully backed up by Key point Francine. What this means is that, what you get is a place that will be worthy for your business.


Supply and demand

Of course we are not only continuously looking for renters but also for property owners

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keypoint francine op pararius

keypoint francine op pararius

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